The ANTHILL CONGRESS, so named is a special feature and gathering of creatives as inspired thus:
‘Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:
Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.’
(Proverbs 6:6 – 8)
  • Practically everyone has seen an ant. The ant is a busy little creature that might look fragile in frame, but is able to command our attention with regards to its unusual wits and wisdom. The unique styled creature called ANT exemplifies much of man’s quest for economic independence, which can only be achieved through economic sourcing, engagement and ultimate provision. The ant does not seek job opportunities, but rather goes about daily in its search for food and life’s means of survival. By this process, it is made to feel responsible for every facet of its existence as it strives to contribute meaningfully to the overall provisions of the entire ant colony.

    The commonsense of the ant perfectly applied, will earn each one of us a rich life of liberty, forthrightness and unending wealth & increase in one life. A new sense of diligence will open us up onto a new life beyond personal comfort; one that will inspire us onto self-leadership for economic change and unending increase.

    The WAY OF THE ANT is a marked definition of economics for leadership performance, which will inspire productivity across all levels of individual, organisational, communal, national and global life, destined to eradicate endemic poverty and create lasting prosperity. This is prosperity that will be engaging and self-driven for greater sustainability.

    Except for slave ants, the ant as a creature has evolved a unique system of smart and effective work coordination that gets it feeling directly responsible for its own life results. Each ant in the colony consciously sets about its own responsibility without the help of a ruler, guide or overseer. This is because the ant is a 100% self-led creature with a unique and outstanding sense of initiative. It does not need an instructor or task master to drive its work processes. At the end of the day, the ant takes on its own harvest of gains and storage sufficient to last it through the winter after which it can resume its natural course of work, provision, storage and life.

    This teaching is important because our country needs more of her energetic population to begin to find ways to engage their minds on new and dynamic forms of social and economic enterprise. For so many years, we have churned out able and intelligent graduates who sit idle waiting for some government to create employment opportunities for them. The blame for this ugly trend has for long been placed on a faulty school curriculum that theorizes the entire learning scheme and fails to clearly engage the student in practical steps to applying what they are taught in real life situations. Needs are growing every day, there is the known population explosion and few identified job spaces are fast thinning out.

    Our concerns are grievous and alarming is the fact that more youth are tending towards various social vices and criminality and for now, even the government of the day seems yet overwhelmed with this trend, without a possible bailout of the situation.

    We, within the context therefore define three perspectives for considering the WAY OF THE ANT, namely:

  1. Leadership – … having no guide, overseer, or ruler, within which frame we shall seek to identify rich and rewarding objectives for exceptional personal, organisational, communal and national leadership development;
  2. Productivity – … Provideth her meat in the summer, in which sense we shall study the industrious nature of the ant as a paradigm for success and growth beyond assumed levels that we could only once imagine;
  3. Prosperity – … gathereth her food in the harvest, which framework shall spotlight the ant methodology as a clearly objective formula for overcoming endemic poverty birthed by slothfulness. 

The entirety of the ANTHILL CONGRESS is as enunciated in the above thought. It therefore implores everyone within the ranks to aspire first towards leadership over self, whilst developing propensity to lead others.

A second thought to our thinking is HIGHLIGHTING PRODUCTIVITY as a formula for championing assiduousness, a formula that will soon raise the bars on noted levels of progress in all outposts of economic engagement and expansion through busy hands that build community.

Thirdly, right leadership inspiring productivity across varying fields of labour will sooner or later enhance prosperity possibilities across the land.

At the ANTHILL CONGRESS, we champion rich and creative thoughts to bring the above reality to light, through meaningful social engagement themes that will engender growth in Human Capital for self-reliance and economic sustainability. This is possible only when men and women, irrespective of age, race, grace and tribe are able to identify possible means and economic interests to ply their trades of industry to maintain themselves, provide for family and grow capacity for community to prosper.

About Ikechi

Ikechi Ahamefule Nwogu

Sir Ikechi Ahamefule Nwogu is a man of many parts. He is a performance strategist, an economic emancipator, an educational consultant and a life coach. He is Passionate about leadership
grooming, youth empowerment and business growth & development and can best be described as the ‘business coach of the next generation.’ His teachings have motivated, encouraged and spurred
on loads of people (young and old) within and outside the shores of Nigeria to start or advance their businesses. He is a mentor and role model to many young men and women. He is a regular guest at several radio and television programmes focused on ways to advance education, politics, leadership and the economy. He has also delivered public lectures at various platforms including several universities around Nigeria.
Sir Ikechi is happily married to Lady Chinyerum Ikechi-Nwogu and they are blessed with four lovely children, Blossom, Bliss, Heritage and Hero. His hobbies include reading, travelling, counselling and making people happy