The leading lady must disengage from the uncanny hook -ups with malevolent masculinity, hidden somewhere within the character codes of her common neighbour, and find fitting strivings that enable her a rich life of success and glory in all spheres. This she must brace up to, exempting herself from the obviously thwarted traditional thinking that she would only need a man to survive. Better to stay single, rich, happy, and fulfilled than to insist on any relational incarceration to a man who cares nothing and knows nothing about the little things to make the lady feel valued and cherished from a true life of love with meaning.

Real Ladies Don’t Take Bullsh*t reveals some abhorrent behaviours several men show and shares common life experiences with smart ladies who find their way around them. It’s practical and engaging and suggests intelligent ways Real Ladies would find their ways to win in the game of love, against the noted odds.