Kindle Edition

The ant is a busy little creature; fragile in frame, yet is able to command our attention with its unusual wits and productive wisdom. The commonsense of the ant perfectly applied, will earn each one of us a rich life of liberty, forthrightness and unending wealth & increase. A new sense of diligence will open us up onto a new life beyond personal comfort; one that will inspire us onto self-leadership for economic change and unending increase.

The WAY OF THE ANT, a book on National Transformation secrets and values is a marked definition of economics for leadership performance, which will inspire productivity across all levels of individual, organisational, communal, national and global life, destined to eradicate endemic poverty and create lasting prosperity. This is prosperity that will be engaging and self-driven for greater sustainability. Prosperity within this context shall not be seen as a state of being born into a background of already established wealth, but rather as a function of vision, industry and personal responsibility. This will plainly expose various pathways to individuals and communities for which they can institute self-help dimensions to engage nature’s rich provisions within their environment with personal ambitions and hard work to determine what they want for their lives.

Our underlying secret throughout this book shall be to study the industrious nature of the ant as a paradigm for success and growth beyond assumed levels that we could only once imagine and admire.